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Raw From the Farm

Your source for organic farm-direct raw grains, nuts, seeds, sun-dried fruit, sea veggies, and pure raw supplements.
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Grains and Beans 

All of the grains and beans we sell are Certified Organic.   All are grown in the US (except quinoa, from Bolivia) and sprout (except millet).  None have been irradiated or fumigated.  Our rice is bought straight from the farmer.  We are in contact with the farmers for the other grains and beans, but they are bought through a supplier as the farmers for those items don't sell in small enough quantities for our needs.
Please feel free to order in fractional amounts (for instance .5 pounds, or 1.75 pounds, etc) on any items.
We try to keep our prices as low as possible. If you find a better price elsewhere for a organically-grown, raw, US-grown product, please let us know and we will try to match it.
  Certified Organic Raw Black Beans  - $2.00/lb 

Wonderful US-grown black turtle beans.  Most black beans are imported from Bolivia.  Not these!  Sprout easily.  Recommended to cook first as there have been incidents of difficult reactions to uncooked sprouted black beans.  See Recipes for suggestions. 

 Certified Organic Raw Buckwheat - $3.00  ON SALE!!  $2.50/lb

These are raw buckwheat groats with the hulls removed.  They sprout wonderfully and are great for making snacks, cereal, cookies, crackers, etc!  Grown in the mid-West of the United States.  Store in cool and moisture-free environment. See Recipes for suggestions.

 Certified Organic Raw Garbanzo Beans - $2.50  

Grown in the United States.  Fantastic sprouts for salads, dips, hummus, burgers, etc.  Store in cool and moisture-free environment.  See Recipes for suggestions. 

 Certified Organic Raw Green or Red Lentils - $2.50   

Grown in Canada and sprout wonderfully for salads, soups, etc.  Good protein source.  Store in cool and moisture-free environment. See Recipes for suggestions.  May be cross-contamination with wild oats. 

Certified Organic Baby Lima Beans - $2.50  

Yummy!  Store in cool and moisture-free environment. Picture coming soon....

 Certified Organic Raw Hulled Millet - $2.00       

US Grown tasty option for salads, soups, etc. An easily digested grain high in magnesium, iron,  and tryptophan.  Sprouting varies.  Store in cool and moisture-free environment. See Recipes for suggestions.

Certified Organic Thick Rolled Oats - $1.75    

US grown thick rolled organic oats.  Not a raw product as oats need to be steamed in the process.

 Certified Organic Raw Quinoa - $5.00   

Bolivian-grown, great on iits own or in entrees, soups and salads. Very high in magnesium and iron.  Complete protein.  Store in cool and moisture-free environment. See Recipes for suggestions.    Grown in quinoa-dedicated fields and processed in facilities where only quinoa and amaranth are processed. 

  Certified Organic Raw Red Beans  - $2.00/lb   

US grown in Idaho.   Recommended to cook first as there have been incidents of difficult reactions to uncooked sprouted red beans.  High in iron.  See Recipes for suggestions.

 Certified Organic Raw Brown Rice  - $2.50     


This is a beautiful medium-grain rice grown in California.  It sprouts wonderfully!  Very tasty!  The rice is air dried without heat. The only processing done is removal fo the inedible hull that surrounds the grain.  Stored by farmer in hull.  Hull removed in batches throughout the year to preserve freshness of the grain.  Store in refrigerator or freezer to maintain freshness.  See Recipes for suggestions. 

Certified Organic Raw Green Split Peas - $1.75

US Grown.  Picture coming soon!

 Certified Organic Brown Rice Spirals  -
$4.00/lb  Contact us at to order.

These fun shapes are made of Certified Organic Brown Rice, and water.  Nothing else!

Certified Organic Raw Kokuho Rose White Rice  - $2.50/lb  

This is a Japanese style medium-grain rice grown in California by Koda Farms.  Recommended by many acupuncturists for helping with digestion issues.  Read more about the product and company at Koda Farms.

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